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Penny’s Pigeon Aid Group

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Welcome to the flock!Pigeon Person

Hello Pigeon People!

It is so wonderful to see so many of you here joining our flock, viewing our website, and learning about the PPA's goals! To get the conversation about our beautiful feathered friends flowing, I'd like to start by asking one question...

What do you hope to see from our charity?


I would like to see all pigeons treated with respect, as all animals should be.



Welcome to the flock! Here, we can discuss all things pigeon...

Penny's Story

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Pigeon History

Find out how Penny's Pigeon Aid is igniting social change, and altering the way that pigeons are viewed, forever.

Learn more about how you can help pigeons, whilst also protecting natural habitats within urban spaces.

Learn of the amazing, true story that founded Penny's Pigeon Aid, a wonderful friendship between a girl and a pigeon, told from the point of view of our founder.

Discover the amazing and tragic history of pigeons, their integral role in society for thousands of years, and their eventual downfall.

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