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Penny's Pigeon Aid was set up by three dedicated pigeon-loving ladies, all with a passion to change societies perception about pigeons.


They banded together and decided to use education, story-telling, and conservation work to ignite social change and teach people to live alongside their urban feathered friends, becoming a society that values every living creature.

Although Penny's Pigeon Aid would love to take in all the pigeons in need, we simply do not have facilities big enough, and all live very far away from each other! Instead, we work towards the betterment of pigeon welfare through wide-spread education and awareness, with aims to work closely with local councils to install pigeon safe spaces, and encourage people to keep their streets clean and the pigeons healthy. 


We have ambassadors all around the country who are experts in all things pigeon, with some that also rescue and rehabilitate these amazing birds. We are also hoping to work closely with the elderly and homeless population to help us care for pigeons, and with local schools to engage our young people in education about animal welfare. We also utilize the power of art, social media, and story-telling to dispel the hateful opinion that many have of pigeons, and are committed to environmental conservation and restoration efforts to protect the habitats of pigeons and other wildlife.

Every Dove Deserves Love

But Penny's Pigeon Aid was founded because of an incredible friendship between a girl and a pigeon. Their story not only captured the hearts of millions, and changed the way in which the world saw pigeons forever, but it reminded so many that you can always find your family, as long as you are brave enough to keep looking.


Find out where it all began with a first hand account from our founder, Hannah, plus the original viral video!

Hannah and Penny sketches, by Charlotte Morris Illustrations
Hannah and Penny sketches, by Charlotte Morris Illustrations


To our dearest pigeon, it’s time for you to rest.

Knowing that we’ll look out for you, and not see you as a pest.

You’ve served us for many years, and your bravery knows no bounds.

And so we promise to accommodate you, in all of our cities and towns.

We will not show you cruelty, and we’ll stop others that do.

Showing kindness to all living things, and all livings things, means you.

So worry not, sweet pigeon, our hate will no longer leave a scar.


Because how we treat our most vulnerable, is a measure of who we are.   


“Alone, we can achieve so little, but together we can achieve so much”

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