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Hannah and Penny

How will your donations be used?


Support for our community

The most important step in our journey is to ensure that people have access to support and guidance if they find a pigeon in need, or if they want general advice on how they can help. All of our charity members are volunteers, and dedicatedly run this website, a facebook page, and monitor an email address. The website incurs a small ongoing fee which is helped by small ongoing donations.


The nesting crisis & Education

We are constantly working to improve pigeon welfare and minimise their mistreatment, and one of the ways that we would like to help them is by raising money for local councils to construct nesting boxes for pigeons to roost in, therefore avoiding then nesting on buildings and landmarks, we would also like to visit local schools and encourage involvement from the students in learning more about our feathered neighbours.


Ambassador Training Video

One of our aims is to fund an ambassador training video which will detail our charity’s ethos and aims, ensuring that all of our ambassadors understand our values. It will be illustrated by the incredible Charlotte Morris and narrated by our founder, Hannah.

Charlotte’s Instagram is: @chrlydraws


re-writing earth

Okay, this is a BIG one. We're partnering with the Re-writing Extinction campaign with the aim of writing and producing a short film about pigeons and our urban environment!

If you would like to learn more about their amazing movement, then you can find out more information here:

Re-writing Extinction

Penny's Story

Meet the Team

About Us

Pigeon History

Pigeon Drawing, by Daisy

Meet the people passionate about pigeons and the driving force behind Penny's Pigeon Aid.

Learn more about Penny's Pigeon Aid and our overall mission, as well as what we hope to achieve in the future.

Find out how Penny's Pigeon Aid is igniting social change, and altering the way that pigeons are viewed, forever.

Discover the amazing and tragic history of pigeons, their integral role in society for thousands of years, and their eventual downfall.

Pigeon Drawing, by Daisy
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