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We may be talking about pigeons, but as fellow urban dwellers, there are much bigger issues at stake. Approximately 0.6% of the earth is 'man-made', and excluding water, we have around 149 million km2 of land surface. Man made, or urban land is only increasing, and studies predict that by 2030, global urban land cover will increase by a further 1.5 million km2. This is why it is vital to accommodate mother nature within our urban spaces.


Our first step to improving pigeon welfare is to alter societies perception of these misunderstood birds. Through engaging story telling, informative websites, and our dedicated team of ambassadors, we can educate people on pigeon facts, dispel the untrue misconceptions about them spreading disease, and unveil the amazing history of pigeon domestication to promote kindness towards them.  


Our mission is to promote kindness to pigeons and all living creatures, and so we will be equipping members of the public with step-by-step guides in how to help a pigeon in distress, and where they can go for support and guidance. This will be achieved by working with local wildlife rehabilitators to provide the most accurate information. We are not encouraging people to domesticate pigeons or to increase their population, we are simply working to end cruelty towards them and eradicate unnecessary suffering.

Keep it Humane

We’re committed to encouraging inner city business’ to use humane ways of deterring the pigeon population. We want to educate the public about pigeons amazing ability to self-populate based on food and resources, and to encourage the removal of food waste and litter. We advise against the feeding pigeons in gardens, and we hope to educate business' in blocking nesting humanely and therefore end unnecessary suffering.  

The Nesting Crisis

Pigeons commonly nest on buildings and other structures, favoring ledges and eaves. They build their nests out of grass and twigs but in today's climate, they also use bits of rubbish and plastic. At Penny's Pigeon Aid, we're committed to creating safe nest boxes for pigeons, offering them an alternative space to rest and re'coo'perate.

Pigeons and the Elderly

We are working closely with retirement homes to install pigeon lofts in their outside spaces so that the elderly residents can keep and care for their local pigeons. This gives the residents responsibility, a new hobby, time spent outside, and an opportunity to provide care. The pigeons job: companionship!

Pigeons in Art

Pigeons are truly beautiful birds, but the world sometimes needs help to see that. We have partnered with the Chicago School of Arts to promote pigeons in art and will hopefully be doing some installations in the future!

Re-Writing Extinction

We're partnering with the Re-Writing Earth campaign who are committed to making environmentalist issues accessible to everyone and not just a load of scientific jargon. Follow our Tik-Tok: @comeonlittlepigeon to see our involvement.

Re-Writing Earth

Penny's Story

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Pigeon History

Pigeon drawing, by Daisy

Meet the people passionate about pigeons and the driving force behind Penny's Pigeon Aid.

Learn more about how you can help pigeons, whilst also protecting natural habitats within urban spaces.

Find out where it all began by meeting the little pigeon that changed the world, and a very remarkable friendship.

Discover the amazing and tragic history of pigeons, their integral role in society for thousands of years, and their eventual downfall.

Pigeon drawing, by Daisy

Pigeons are monogamous! They mate for life and both parents raise their young together.

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