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Meet The crazy pigeon people!

Penny’s Pigeon Aid was born out of the passion of three pigeon-loving ladies, Hannah, Carrina, and Joanna. Carrina and Joanna had been following Hannah on social media since she first met Penny, with Carrina supporting her when Penny fell poorly. Following Penny’s death, the three got their heads together and decided to use Penny’s incredible story and legacy to benefit more pigeons all over the world. And after a lot of planning and hard work, they eventually all became official Trustees of the PPA!


The great thing about Penny’s Pigeon Aid, is that it brings people together who all have the same goal- to end the stigma against our beautiful feathered friends. Over time, the PPA have been recruiting some incredible ambassadors who have already been on that mission, but now, we can all work together!  


By becoming an ambassador, you can help make a difference to pigeons throughout the UK and the world. Our ambassadors work closely with us to promote education around pigeon welfare, they help manage our social media, take part in campaigns, and produce new ideas for changing the stigma and promoting pigeons in a positive light.

Just email why you would like to be a part of our journey and a member of the team will get back to you!

Pigeon Drawing, by Daisy

Penny's Story

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Pigeon History

Find out how Penny's Pigeon Aid is igniting social change, and altering the way that pigeons are viewed, forever.

Learn more about how you can help pigeons, whilst also protecting natural habitats within urban spaces.

Learn of the amazing, true story that founded Penny's Pigeon Aid, a wonderful friendship between a girl and a pigeon, told from the point of view of our founder.

Discover the amazing and tragic history of pigeons, their integral role in society for thousands of years, and their eventual downfall.

Pigeon Drawing, by Daisy
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