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Wow! What an amazing story in the news and that's how I find myself here. As a child I was freaked out by pigeons and it was amazing to me that they are now my favourite bird. They way they problem solve, their funny walk, their little heads bobbing back and forth, love 'em!

Over the years we've had a few pigeons who've fallen down our chimney (it's now capped!) and I was amazed that I could get over my fear and rescue them. Some were fine, one or two needed extra care and time, one didn't make it....

My favourite definitely was the crazy one who made it all the way down and started flying around my living room!

My saddest moment was seeing a juvenile pigeon in distress in the garden, after some love and care the poor thing still passed away but at least he was cared for I guess.....

Great work all of you, you're awesome 👍😁

Pauline Barnes


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Find out how Penny's Pigeon Aid is igniting social change, and altering the way that pigeons are viewed, forever.

Learn more about how you can help pigeons, whilst also protecting natural habitats within urban spaces.

Learn of the amazing, true story that founded Penny's Pigeon Aid, a wonderful friendship between a girl and a pigeon, told from the point of view of our founder.

Discover the amazing and tragic history of pigeons, their integral role in society for thousands of years, and their eventual downfall.

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