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Hi everyone! Here is my story-

My name is Maddie. I started a small business and a not offical non profit called Pigeon Patroll ( I still spell Patroll with 2 L’s), to help birds when I was 8 years old. I started Pigeon Patroll at my old home in Layton, Utah in 2020.

Early in the year of 2020, there were two pigeons that started to come around everyday. I named them Molly and Peter. In February 2020, we figured out that Molly and Peter had built a nest between two of our huge plant pots. Molly had laid two perfect and white eggs.

The eggs hatched and I named the two baby pigeons Cuckoo and Coco Puff. Everyday I would sit in front of the glass door and watch the pigeons for hours. I wrote everything I learned from them in a journal. Watching Cuckoo and Coco Puff grow to adults was so special and interesting. The two babies looked similar to dodos when they were young. Sometimes, I was able to watch their feeding time. I also witnessed them doing funny wing stretches. Then one day, they started practicing flying.

After they learned to fly, it was time for them to leave. Cuckoo and Coco Puff left me a single feather the morning before they left. They visited occasionally. Cuckoo, living up to his name, flew into the window once. Cuckoo was alright. But then, in 2021, I moved to South Carolina. Minutes before I left, Molly and Peter flew on the rail of our balcony. You can visit my website here-

I love and appreciate pigeons! They are amazing! There are not a lot of people who love pigeons like I do, so I am so happy I found Pennys Pigeon Aid and this feed. Thank you!



Pauline Barnes
2 days ago

Hey Maddie, Pigeon Patroll sounds amazing! I love the bird magnets you're making, and it's great that you've been able to raise so much money for bird charities ❤️ 🙂



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