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Hi all, I live in London and I used to hate pigeons. I have a balcony and the pigeons would poo all over it - I spent a lot of money on pigeon deterrents but none of them worked. Over time, I began to admire how intelligent and resilient pigeons are, and I started to see things from their perspective; they were just trying to live a life in this city, like me, and needed somewhere safe to sleep and nest. I now really love pigeons and hate hearing people say unkind things about them. Pigeons are beautiful; their markings, their cooing, everything. I was so touched by Hannah's friendship with Penny, and I'm really glad this charity exists! Where can I buy the 'every dove deserves love' tee?!

Spiritual Lady
May 26

Hi Anna, you get the t-shirts direct from here £4 from each shirt goes the the RSPB :)

And I’m pleased you came around to embracing pigeons. As you say, they are just trying to live their lives, just like the rest of us ❤️



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