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In August 2021 I found a baby pigeon in my garden. She'd clearly fallen from her nest as she wasn't even ready to fledge. I couldnt find her nest and as she was so tiny I cared for her believing I was just making her comfortable for a few days. However with lots of attention and baby parrot formula she began the thrive. It was an amazing experience for my Son. As she followed him everywhere, he became her personal trainer. She build up her strength and eventually fledged. As she was so healthy I let her go free. She returned twice a day for food and was always there when I came home from work. She'd come into the house like a returning child from school! She stopped coming one day. I hoped she was okay, I'll never know. What I do know, pigeons are beautiful and intelligent and deserve our respect

Spiritual Lady

How lovely and what a privilege.



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Find out how Penny's Pigeon Aid is igniting social change, and altering the way that pigeons are viewed, forever.

Learn more about how you can help pigeons, whilst also protecting natural habitats within urban spaces.

Learn of the amazing, true story that founded Penny's Pigeon Aid, a wonderful friendship between a girl and a pigeon, told from the point of view of our founder.

Discover the amazing and tragic history of pigeons, their integral role in society for thousands of years, and their eventual downfall.

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